Garden Notes

So I came outside on Friday morning to a bit of a surprise.   One of the first summers we’d move here (so at least eight years ago), I planted a couple of lilies in the side garden, which then proceeded to get well and truly decimated by lily beetle, to the point where they barely even came out of the ground for the next number of years.     They’re now completely buried in the iris bed, so I didn’t notice that one had actually come up this year, until it bloomed on Friday.   It was just such a lovely way to start the day – I thought they’d never come back.   (I had a white one too, so I guess that one might be dead.)


In other news, the peas are going great now.    They’re not as tall as they were last year, but they’re certainly blooming as well as they did last year, so I should have some nice snacking from the vine coming up shortly.


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