Sewing Notes

So, what’s a girl to do on a dreary, rainy, Memorial Day weekend?    Sew!  (Seriously, I’m wearing a sweater and socks.    Some start of the summer season!)

I made some binding and a hanger for the sunset quilt, and sewed the front of the binding on.     I’ve got the hanger positioned on the back now, and the rest of what I need to do is all hand sewing, which I can do over whatever tv marathon we end up doing in lieu of being able to do anything outside.

I also tried to advance on the shirt I’d been making.    And I’m a little stymied.   I’m using a pretty sheer fabric, which I have not done before, and it’s proving interesting.    The last thing I’d done was sew the yoke, and add gathering.    Which really gathered this fabric.    I’m now supposed to match the yoke lining, and it’s so well gathered, I can’t do that.    So, I may have to unpick the yoke.    Which I’m not yet mentally prepared to do, so I’ve put it away for now.    I may back track and do something a little easier first.


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