Garden Notes

The daffodils are in full bloom – showing just how warm that side garden is, as there aren’t many other daffodils out this far locally.

So this weekend’s project was Operation Remove that Blasted Woodier than Hell Hosta from the Front of the Side Garden.      The above is the glorious free space after I was done yesterday.    One of my coworkers is taking the pieces to put on a slope that she’s trying to avoid mowing, so I have ten bags of hosta pieces hanging out in the garage until Tuesday.

This morning, I worked in some compost (the first batch from the back yard composter), and transplanted a lupin and some Siberian iris out of pots into the back of that area (where the peas and Swiss chard were last year).  For the front, I want to move the iris (you can see the edge of them on the right of the picture) into that corner of the bed, but I don’t want to do that until after they bloom.    So, that’s where I’m going to put the peas this year.    By the time they’re done, the iris should be ready to move.    I took tomorrow off (because everyone should be able to sleep late on their birthday), so I’ll hopefully get those in then.


The last thing I did was move the strawberry and herb pots (two lavenders, three thymes, mint, and lemon balm) into the side garden so they can get the proper amount of sun.    As you can see, the strawberries are leafing, and the rest hopefully won’t be too far behind.


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