Drowned Wednesday – Garth Nix

I have to admit it – the second I found out the main villain of this book was a person turned into a whale that couldn’t stop eating, I just loved it immediately.

If you haven’t caught my previous reviews, this series is about Arthur Penhaligon, who manages to find his way to the House at the center of the universe.   The Architect of the House has gone away, leaving the Morrow Days in charge, and the Morrow Days haven’t been very good with the power they were granted.   And it’s up to Arthur to fix things.

This is book three, so we’re up to Wednesday, the aforementioned whale.     She’s actually been betrayed by the other Days, so she’s willing to help Arthur, if he can find her missing key, which will restore Wednesday to her true form.

In the meantime, since Wednesday rules the Border Sea, there are pirates.    Except they used to be bureaucrats.    I’m sure the humor of that goes over the head of much of the target audience, but I loved it.    Definitely a fun read.


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