The Grand Sophy – Georgette Heyer

I’m starting to sense a theme in at least some of Georgette Heyer’s books – irrepressible heroine (to the point of probably being too modern for the era) whirls into the life of an unmarried man (and his extended family), turns everyone’s life upside down, drives him thoroughly crazy, which pretty much forces him to ask for her hand.

In this book, we have Sophy, newly returned to England from the Continent, where she’s been brought up by her diplomat widower father, and has therefore had far too many adventures than a well bred girl should have.    Her father has asked her sister to sponsor Sophy in London, and she’s therefore staying with her cousins (there are seven or eight – it was hard to keep count).

The family is in a bit of inner turmoil, as due to Lord Ombersley’s penchant for gambling very badly, when his brother died, the brother sent his fortune straight to Charles, the oldest son and heir.    Charles is therefore in the delicate position of cleaning up his father’s gambling messes, and functioning as the man of the family, since Lord Ombersley isn’t really capable of giving anyone good advice.    Naturally, he’s been going about it wrong, and Sophy sees some opportunities to be helpful, much to Charles’ disgust, but to the general good of the family.

The story is pretty much preposterous, but it’s fun – I have to give to give it that.     Do not read this is you’re looking for anything more than fluffy mind candy.


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