Knitting Notes

Pattern:  Oddity Mitts by Mia Heikkinen
Yarn: Pine Woods Farm Sock in the Nor’easter Blues colorway
Needles: Size 2.5 DPNs

In a bid to use up the Pine Woods Farm yarn, and because I know I can use them for a Christmas gift, I made pair #3 of mitts from this skein.    And, I actually had enough yarn leftover to make one hexi-puff.

This pattern was fun – definitely challenging enough to keep things interesting.    I wouldn’t recommend the pattern to anyone that isn’t confident with reading their knitting, as she omits the even rows from the chart and tells you to just repeat what was done on the row before (bearing in mind that since there are cables, things have moved from what’s on the chart in the row before).    I found that easy, but I can see that being really confusing if you’re not good at reading your knitting.

I still really enjoy this yarn – I’m a bit sad, as my source closed down a year or so ago, so I’m not actually sure how readily available it is anymore.


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