Fort Tryon and the Cloisters





On Wednesday, I started the day with the looong subway ride up to the Cloisters.    If you take the A train to the 190th Street stop, it puts you out right at the entrance to Fort Tryon.    It’s then a ten minute walk through the park to the museum.   There’s also a bus, if you don’t want to walk, but the walk is totally worth it.    There are great views of the Hudson River, and as you get closer to the museum, it seems to loom above you.   Pretty neat walk.    Sadly, it was pretty gray while I was there, so I didn’t have as many pictures turn out as I would have liked, but you canl see I was able to indulge in pictures for my staircase pictorial collection.

I checked my camera with my bag at the museum, which I shouldn’t have done, as the cloisters in the building are gardens, and they were lovely.    My favorite was the Bonnefont Herb Garden – there are quince trees in the middle beds, which were full of fruit – absolutely lovely with all the other herbs and plants.    Made me want to run back home and build my own cloister herb garden.   (And I’m currently reading a Brother Cadfael book – which is not helping.)


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