Heat Rises – Richard Castle

Yes, I am enough of a Castle fangirl that I’ve been reading the novels that Castle has written on the show.   (I am not so much of a fangirl that I buy them before they hit the bargain bin…)

First thing to know about these books: they are much more fun if you watch the show.    That way, you can play spot the episode reference.    I also have moments (especially in this one, where the Heat/Rook relationship has heated up quite a bit) where I can almost see Beckett whapping Castle upside the head after she’s finished reading particular passages in her advanced copy.   Why yes, I am projecting emotional reactions onto fictional characters.   Sigh.

Second thing to know about these books:  as the new ones have come out, each one is better than the last.   I had pretty much figured out who was the villain in this book (it was between two people), but I did not figure out the why of it (which would have definitively pointed me in one direction).    I had to have an ah-ha moment as Nikki Heat was making her arrest.   That makes this a good mystery in my book.


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