The Well of Ascension – Brandon Sanderson

The Lord Ruler is dead, and Elend Venture has become King, but he’s trying his best to be fair to all the people, noble and skaa.   The Mistborn Vin is trying to figure out exactly how to live as both the King’s consort, and assassin.  And, the rest of the old thieving crew is trying to figure out how to live life as the heroes that overthrew the Lord Ruler, instead of a bunch of thieves.

And then three armies show up at the doorstep of Luthadel.

This book is a really great study in the consequences of great actions.    No one would probably argue that a revolution was long due against the Lord Ruler, but real government is hard, and it quickly becomes apparently that revolution is  a life long commitment.

And there’s also the small matter of the fact that Lord Ruler may have been protecting everyone from something terrible, because the Mists have began to kill, and Vin is more and more convinced that they’re alive.

I’m really enjoying this series – it’s certainly good for twists and turns, and I love having characters I can really root for.


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