The White Tyger – Paul Park

The White Tyger is the third book in the series that began with A Princess of Roumania.    Miranda Popescu had been sent at a very young age into an alternate reality where the isle of England hadn’t sunk into the ocean, the American colonies aren’t a back water frontier, and Romania is a small, relatively unimportant country in Eastern Europe (in short, our world).    In the real world, she’s the heir to the dynasty of Greater Roumania, one of the most powerful countries in Europe.

In this book, Miranda surrenders to the soldiers of her enemy, the Baroness Nicola Ceausescu, and is brought to Bucharest, where the Baroness hopes to turn the people against Miranda, so that she can assume the throne instead.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right?    The world of this story is incredibly complex.    I’ll admit, at this point, I’m reading it mostly because I really need to see what the heck the author’s going to throw in next.    Miranda isn’t actually a particularly sympathetic heroine, but his villain is great.    Recasting a communist dictator as a woman with global ambitions was a great choice.   I will keep reading, because this series is great spectacle.


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