Knitting Notes

Pattern: Soledad by  Annika Barranti
Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style in the Storm Colorway
Needles: Size 4 and 5 DPNs and Circs

I finished my Soledad sweater a little behind schedule, because I’d originally started out with the Age 2 size, and got almost all the way done with the neck when I found that what I thought was a half ball of yarn that was supposed to see me through to the end of the project was in fact a collection of loose ends.    So, I had to frog nearly the entire thing, and reknit the Age 1 size.   Fortunately, I was really enjoying the pattern, so it wasn’t too much of a hardship.

The cables absolutely make the pattern – there’s plenty of interest to distract from the otherwise boring stockinette stitch.    They’re also relatively easy to do, but look nice and complex.

One of my main aims this year is to use up as many of my odds and ends of yarn as possible, which is why I’d found this pattern – I was searching for things to do with this amount of DK weight yarn.   It’s a really nice yarn, though I just noticed today when looking at it to calculate my yardage that it’s been discontinued.    That’s a shame, though I’m pretty sure there’s another line to take its place.


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