Garden Notes

The bulbs are out in nearly full force – the tulips are just about to come out (some early ones already are), and most everything else is already out. My favorites (the muscari) are out in the back yard, and the Solomon’s Seal is starting to poke its way above ground.

This was the first weekend since before we went to DC that I’ve had time to take care of anything at all in the garden. I’ve planted some Bright lights chard my mother started for me in the side garden – we’ll see how that does (she gave it to me before we left, and it suddenly got cold, so I had to keep it inside for a few weeks. Hopefully, I’ve re-hardened it off properly.) I have radishes, lettuce, cilantro (I think), and peas sprouting. A couple of my pots aren’t doing anything, and a couple are getting well dug through by the squirrels, so I’ve given up on those for now. Once I can confirm what I have, I’ll probably sow another batch of the cold weather seeds.

I’ve moved all the herb pots out of the back yard into the side yard – not that you can really tell, with all the daffodils taking up the real estate for the moment.

We’re having some work done in the basement, so I’ve moved the back yard plants over to where I had the herbs hanging out so they’ll be out of the way while they’re hauling debris out of the back door right there. I figure better safe than sorry, especially since they’re really only now starting to sprout, so it’s not like they look like much at the moment.


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