Garden Notes

I’m glad at least something is blooming in the garden – it’s making my insane garden fever at least a little bit realistic.

I had a dream last night that I was at some sort of garden center, and they carried every single variety of plant I’ve been mulling over maybe buying this year, so I kept picking things up and then putting them back down again when I remembered that even though it’s May-like warm out there today, that’s completely freaky, and we could easily be back below freezing in a couple days. Even my subconscious is antsy.

I have at least now gotten all of the garden hardware I ordered this year, so I decided to stick at least something out there. This is my latest attempt to corral the clematis. I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t start growing out the back to the wires on the house, but there’s plenty of real estate available in the front, so that’ll hopefully be easy to do.

I also picked up some edging today for the front garden bed. The end of the lawn in that area has never been clear, and now that I’m actually planning on doing some planting there, I decided I needed to add a little demarcation. There’s a little bit of grass that’ll need to fill in, but I suspect it won’t have much trouble doing that.


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