Knitting Notes

Pattern: Galadriel’s Mirror by Susan Pandorf
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in the Oceanic Mix colorway
Needles: Size 4 circs (the interchangeable cables came in really handy here)

I actually blocked this shawl last weekend, but then never had daylight in which to photograph it (and it’s so big that I really don’t have a great surface to photograph it on, so these are not the best pictures in the universe).

I really enjoyed this pattern. There were no stitches that were particularly hard, but they all combined in such an interesting way that I was never bored. I would happily make this shawl again, if I hadn’t already bought the yarn to make Evenstar.

The yarn isn’t bad – it’s a bit splitty, but looks really lovely in the finished product. And boy, is it warm. (There was also the small matter of my massive under-estimation of how much yardage it would take, but I’ve never been that off track before, so I suppose I was due. Here’s hoping that never happens again.)

I brought this to work on Monday, and it was much fawned over. All and all, I love this project.


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