Tracking the Tempest – Nicole Peeler

In Tempest Rising, Jane True found out that she’s half Selkie, and that there were many supernatural residents of the world around her. She’s gained a vampire boyfriend, and has been training with the local gnome to gain control of her powers.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Ryu has invited her down to his house in Boston, and what starts out as a fun weekend away quickly turns serious when they realize an ifrit Halfling has been responsible for a series of horrible deaths, and he’s set his eyes on Jane.

These are pretty fun books, kind of a New England version of the Sookie Stackhouse stories – Jane’s definitely a New England girl, and isn’t afraid to throw in some serious doses of sailor’s vocab, which is probably the main non-Sookie point. Other than that, you get to met a ton of interesting supernatural characters, and there’s a good deal of humor involved.

The over-lying story – how the supernatural community views the Halflings, who may be their only hope for survival – is definitely trending darker, but I’d still classify this book as an overall fun read.


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