I’m by no means a religious person, but I’ve just had a couple of bookend experiences to my weekend of the kind that really make you feel that there has to be something out there watching over us, and I think I’d feel a little remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that I appreciate the extra help.

This started on Friday. Since I was going on a trip the next day, I stopped at the ATM on the way home, and apparently didn’t manage to reclose my wallet into my purse correctly. When I got home, the BF hadn’t left for job #2 yet, so I had to park on the street so he could get out. Somewhere in the midst of unloading my car, I manage to drop my wallet in the street. BF left for work about ten minutes later, and I still had my shoes on (very unusual with the amount of stuff we currently have on the ground), so I followed him outside so I could pull my car into the driveway. As it happened, a woman and her two daughters were walking down the street, and had found my wallet. They were just coming back down our walk, having tried the front door to see if they could return the wallet to me. I had an immediate someone was looking out for me feeling there because our front doorbell doesn’t work, and had I not come out at that instant, they may not have been able to find me, and I wouldn’t have known my wallet was missing until the next day. I’d just gotten out cash (which I don’t normally do), and I was planning on leaving early the next morning. The potential for chaos in various directions there is a little scary. I don’t know who that family was, but they are my heroes.

So, I was able to go on my trip to MA over the weekend. This of course involves some highway driving, and I’m a New Englander, so that involves some occasional travel at 75 mph. I mention this because of my lovely car escapade today.

I managed to get a flat tire that manifested itself about halfway to work, right in the middle of the hill of doom. Because really, nothing says Happy Monday! like that kind of vibration coming from your front passenger side. But you know what? It happened about three-quarters of the way on my low speed, ten-minutes-if-I-catch-the-lights-right drive to work. Not on I495 in the middle of MA, with my lack of AAA. One of my coworkers helped me get the doughnut on (my one problem with this: how do I show thanks to a man that doesn’t eat sweets or wheat? no cookies!), and I was easily able to get an appointment to have things checked out tomorrow. Heck, I’d been shopping for new tires anyway, and I need to have a blown headlight replaced, so I was going to have to make this appointment anyway. And the topper to the day? A AAA membership offer in the mail when I get home (which will be going back in the mail to them tomorrow).

So, thank you, universe. I really do appreciate you looking out for me this weekend. I’ll do my best to return the favor.


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