I’m back from a foodtastic weekend.

My friend L is up from Texas for her winter semester break, so I headed down to MA yesterday. We met in Woburn for dim sum. Since that’s not available up here, I hadn’t had dim sum for at least as long as she’s been down in Texas, and actually longer, since we don’t go everytime we’re down there. It was wonderful. L’s a vegetarian, but her sister came as well, so we had a wonderful variety of meat, seafood and non-meat dishes. I do love dim sum. I wish I could get it more often.

For dinner that night, we had Indian in Framingham (or maybe Natick – I’m not exactly sure), which was also wonderful. We actually do have decent Indian available up here, but for whatever reason, it’s not something we get very often. So, since I hadn’t had Indian in a while, I got my favorite (Palak – or Saag – Paneer). With a little naan, it was wonderful.

And then, as if I hadn’t already stuffed myself enough, L and I went to the Sunnyside Diner in Marlborough and had a lovely brunch. We topped that off with a game of Life, and just generally hanging out, and it was a lovely weekend. (For the icing on the cake, L’s sister lent me the last two Twilight books, so I can now assuage my teenage angst cravings sooner rather than later.) Yep, it was a good weekend.


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