Project Spectrum

One of my coworkers will become a father in about two month’s time, so in pondering what I wanted to do as a present for the baby, since I could tell it involve a yarn order, I also decided to set my Project Spectrum house in order. The yarn order is now in, and here’s what I have planned out to do so far:

a sunset-themed landscape quilt
The little devil baby hat, which has the advantage of being completely Fire, as well as child of this particular coworker, appropriate.

Socks from my favorite green sock yarn in my stash. I have not yet settled on a pattern.
I’ll also be out and about setting my garden in order at this point, so will work this into the project somehow.

I’d like to the do the Icarus shawl. Since I suspect this will take me quite a while, it’s all I’m planning to do for Air.

I’ll see what I can do to work my lovely ocean into this theme. Other than that, haven’t really thought of a project to do yet, but this comes last, so I’m not too worried about it at the moment.

I’m also considering the baby Yoda sweater for the new baby. I’ve got the yarn on order, and figure if I don’t get this started in the midst of everything else I have planned, my friends are currently prolific enough that I’m sure there will be another baby along soon enough that it can go to.


Mansfield Park

The latest installment of the Masterpiece Theatre Jane Austen-athon was Mansfield Park, featuring Billie Piper, late of Doctor Who fame. It was a lovely little production that I very much enjoyed.

This production, more than any of the others so far, has made me want to reread the book. There was a certain haste to this production that I can’t quite put my finger on. There was only one scene missing that I knew of (Fanny being sent home to visit her family so she knew how grateful she should be to her uncle), but because it was missing, and because the production seemed to speed along in general, I really want to pull out the book and see what else was missing. It’s been so long since I read it that it’s entirely possible that the book is as fast paced as this production was, but I don’t think so. I certainly don’t want this to come across as criticism, just something I’m curious about.

Weekend Notes

Well, I thought I might have some pictures this weekend, but that didn’t pan out. We spent a lovely weekend hanging out with friends in Hudson MA. We had a great Indian dinner on Saturday, and then went into Woburn for dim sum brunch on Sunday (at a branch of a place in Chinatown that’s damn good!)

The drive to dim sum was through this weekend’s surprise snow storm. We ended up taking 2A through Concord, which runs right through Minuteman National Park. It was beautifully picturesque, with the snow falling over the colonial houses and stonewalled fields. But, since it was snowing, and the roads were just on the edge of not so good, I resisted the temptation to ask for a picture stop. So, sadly, that drive will have to live on only in my memory.

Knitting Notes

Monkey socks are coming along nicely, mostly because my brain has been too fried after work all week for me to do much more than sit on the couch and do something relatively mindless. There will not be much progress made this weekend, as we’re actually going away to see friends, and I’m not bringing them with me. But I might actually have distraction of the day photos to post when it’s all done, which is pretty exciting.

The World Without Us – Alan Weisman

0312347294-01-_sx142_sy224_sclzzzzzzz_I added this book to my to read list after seeing the author on the Daily Show. He was an interesting speaker, and highlighted some of the more interesting points to this book, which examines what would happen if the human race were to suddenly disappear from the planet. It’s an alternately fascinating and depressing book.

The fascinating sections include an account of how nature could reclaim Manhattan Island, contrasted with how nature has returned to the nuclear zone around Chernobyl.

The depressing sections include a description of exactly what we’ve unleashed into the environment by creating such things as plastics. There’s a reason it took me more than a week to get through this book. The news isn’t all sweetness and light. We can never put the earth back to the way it was before we started mucking about with the environment.

I do recommend this book. It’s a fascinating look at what we’ve done, and the implications of those actions. Just don’t read it if you’re looking for an uplifting story.

Northanger Abbey

Last night was the second night of the Jane Austen-athon on PBS, and the feature was Northanger Abbey.

I recently reread Northanger Abbey, for the RIP II reading challenge, and was reminded that it’s one of my less favorite Austen books. Apparently, I’m not the only one to think this, as I’m told this was the first production of Northanger Abbey ever done.

It was a cute, lite little movie. They did deviate from the story just a bit, I think to pump up the gothic details a smidge. Northanger Abbey was every bit was spooky as it should be, and Mr. Thorpe was every bit as annoying as he should be. I still can’t decide if I actually liked Mr. Tilney, but I thought the girl playing Catherine did an excellent job. I’d watch it again, but it’s still not my favorite Austen story.

Knitting Notes

The Foliage hat is done! Hurray! It’s just a smidge too long, but that does end up keeping my ears covered, so I can deal with it.

I think the next thing I’ll do is the second Monkey sock. I do have my next Fetching mitt cast on, but I want to at least get the Monkey ribbing done and out of the way. I do think I need to do both the socks and the mitts before I attempt my sweater.

However, for tonight, I think I might take the time to finish the book (The World Without Us) I’ve been reading instead of knitting. I’ve been at the book for a while, and would like to get it out of the way, since it’s actually pretty depressing, and I want to read something fiction-y and fun.

Knitting Notes

Originally uploaded by leabhran

Monkey sock #1 is done, and fits on a human foot! (And I’ve discovered blog posting from Flickr 😉 This after I may have fudged the toe decreases slightly because I wasn’t paying attention. Not that it was bad enough to have to do over. I just made notes to make sure I do the same thing with the second sock.

I think I’m starting to understand second sock syndrome. Though it’s so much that I don’t want to do the second sock, it’s that I have three or four other things I want to do too, and no time to do them all. Oh well. I’ll get around to them eventually. I do have to get these socks, and the fetching mitts done before I’ll allow myself to start my sweater. I don’t think I’ll get anything done if I don’t set some limits now.


They’re doing a run of all Jane Austen’s books on Masterpiece Theatre, starting with Persuasion last night.

I know some people aren’t necessarily fond of this book. It’s understandable, as it’s definitely not one of her lighter works, but I actually like it better than Emma and Sense and Sensibility. I’m not sure exactly why that is, except that it might be because it’s a very genuine story.

I really enjoyed last night’s adaptation. My only slight beef with it was that they didn’t end it the way the book ended, with Anne going to sea with Captain Wentworth. As the BF pointed out, it’s probably not the easiest thing to get an appropriately historically accurate ship for what was probably a lowish budget production, but I always loved that about the book. But I suppose if that was my only problem with the show, that’s not a bad thing. The only other thing I can think to add is that I loved Anthony Stewart Head’s portrayal of Anne’s father. He’s such a great actor.