More Projects

So, during the, hmm, festivities (I hate to use this word, but it actually fits) surrounding my grandmother’s funeral, a boot-sized shoe box of old family photos was unearthed. And while pouring over said photos, my boyfriend casually mentioned that we could scan them all, and that way anyone could get a cd, and have copies of the trove. And thus was a new obsession born. The box arrived at my house about a week later, and I’m having a blast. How cool is it to get to see your great-grandmother at the turn of the last century? I’ve always loved old pictures, but they’re so much more meaningful when it’s someone connected to you.

The downside of this is that it got me thinking about the scanner. I’ve long been a collector of paper. I never saw a furniture catalog I wouldn’t happily rip apart to keep a few pages of cool architectural details in their room settings. And there are neat gardens and other random scenery from magazines. And cool jewelry and knickknacks.

So, I’ve got enough paper cached in various places to qualify as a minor fire hazard. And it suddenly occurred to me that scanning them would make those images much easier to store. So, I now have an enormous stack of miscellaneous paper to scan. Which I think is ultimately a good thing, but I’m really glad it’s about to get hot out again so I can remind myself that computer based projects are winter projects. Why do I never figure these things out at the right time of year?


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