Singing in the Rain

I have just returned from heaven.

We had a work outing today in Standish. As we were hanging out after gorging ourselves, one of my coworkers mentioned that we’d passed a great small nursery she’d been to last year that has a really good perennial sale in late summer, and she noticed the sale was on. So, we decided to go once the outing was over.

It poured all the way into Gorham, but I didn’t care once we got to the nursery, because their sale is $25 bucks for all the perennials you can fit in a shopping cart. You are allowed to stack pots, so long as all of the pots fit below the rim of the cart. This includes plants in gallon buckets (I got a hosta in a size that usually costs around $15). Heck, I got so much, I may have to give some to my mother (not that she minds).

I haven’t had that much fun outside in a pouring rainstorm in I don’t even know how long. I’m so glad I didn’t go anywhere else this weekend and buy maybe two plants for the price I just got around 18 plants for (it was still raining when I got home, and the smaller pots were blending together when I was trying to count and run inside, so I’ll get the official count and plant list later).

My haul (ignoring the pre-existing soon to flower garlic chives in the back). Oh, and the sign is vintage landlord.


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