Welcome to my blog. I initially broke down and started this blog in a semi-desperate attempt to force myself to broaden my reading material. If it’s available online, hopefully I can shame myself into reading a little bit more non-fiction, or even regular fiction. Not that I have a huge problem with my fantasy habit, but I do occasionally find myself floundering with what to pick when I’m actually not in the mood for alternate realities (heresy, but true). If I get really brave, I may even try a challenge or two down the line.

At the moment, my biggest source of material is my enormous Amazon.com wishlist. It’s subdivided into ten categories at the moment, and contains somewhere over 200 books. I’ve got it cross-referenced to the main and branch libraries in my lovely city. (I admit to a certain problem with buying books I can’t preview first. One of many, many reasons I love my library!) Pretty much any book that appears interesting makes it onto one of the lists. I suspect I’m not an ideal Amazon customer, as I rarely actually buy things from the list, and I only share one carefully edited sublist, so as to avoid embarrassment for some of the stranger items on there. But it’s been great six year project, and I don’t know what I’d do without the handy storage 🙂

And, as long as this is available, I may use this blog as a convenient posting place for other random projects that are begging to be shared.


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