Garden Notes

I dehydrated the Korean peppers yesterday – the kitchen smelled lovely.   About fourteen peppers gave me a about a pint jar’s worth of dried shards.   (Plus a little room for a desiccant pack – we’re paranoid.)    We figure we’ll grind on demand.   Not bad considering my yield this year wasn’t great.

I’ve got basil drying out today – I pulled the plants out this morning.    We haven’t had a frost yet, but some things are looking the worse for the wear, like the basil.   So I decided to get ahead of as much as I could this morning in the side garden.    I’d already pulled the zinnias out of the community garden when I stopped by yesterday to pick some chard.    They definitely did not enjoy something about the conditions over the past week, because they were fine last weekend.

The brassicas are still looking great, and the calendula at the other garden is plugging along gamely.   I’ll be planting garlic shortly.


Knitting Notes


Pattern: Damsel by Josee Paquin
Yarn: Quince and Co Willet in the Dory colorway
Needles: Size 6 circs

I decided to treat myself to the summer Quince Quarterly offering (level 1), because I figured it would be a fiber I didn’t usually knit with (it was – cotton), and it would be fun to get a random pattern.     I also really liked the colorway I ended up getting.  It’s not something I normally would have picked for myself, but it’s a lovely color.

This was a nice knit – just complicated enough to keep things interesting.   I finally got smart and bound off with a needle two sizes larger than what I’d been using, which made a for a much stretchier bind off than I’ve been managing lately.

The Willet is nice yarn, actually pretty soft for a cotton, though switching over to sock yarn for the other project I’m currently running does highlight that I still very much prefer wool to cotton.   But if I needed cotton, I’d go with the Willet any day.

Knitting Notes


This is Eurydice, by SpillyJane (a pattern I’ve been holding onto from a sock club from looong ago.)     The yarn is Lichen and Lace Matte Sock, in the Teal Tide colorway.   I’m making these for my Aunt N.  (I hope.   She has size 11 feet, and I’m not positive I have enough yarn.   We’ll see.)

I will say, having been working with mostly cotton yarn lately, this yarn feels so soft it’s not even funny.   I do love wool.

White as Milk, Red as Blood – Franz Xaver von Schonwerth

e80bee4ca3b4831596e73317151434f414f4141This is a lovely graphic novel with translations of fairy tales collected by Franz Xaver von Schonwerth not long after the Brothers Grimm had been doing their work there. His collection is not as well known because he did not publish it in his lifetime. They’re definitely familiar, but with little twists to the story that you can expect from oral history, and they’re also not the sanitized Disney versions. The illustrations are lovely – it’s a nice collection.

Knitting Notes


Pattern: Hitchhiker by Martina Behm
Yarn: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Pure 100% Merino Superwash in the Paul colorway
Needles: Size 3 circs

My Hitchhiker is done.    This is a really enjoyable pattern – good sized repeat, and excellent tv (or hanging out with your two year old niece who has just enough attention span to let you do a once over) knitting.

I really like the yarn – I need to get my hands on another skein so I can try socks.     I should really do another trip to Europe so I can accomplish that…


I managed one whole hexipuff out of the leftovers.

The Heretic’s Apprentice – Ellis Peters

9ef31c048f16561596749706e77434f414f4141Our story begins when a young man named Elave returns from the Holy Land, bringing back the body of his master, William of Lythwood. They’d left on pilgrimage a number of years ago. Elave had been the clerk for the Lythwood family, and while they’re sad that William is gone, they’re happy to see Elave again.

The family has a foster daughter, Fortunata, who has grown up in the time that William and Elave has been gone. William has sent home a beautiful box to be her dowry.

It’s hard to go into more detail about the story – it’s very detail specific, and all the details are important. (Including why the word heretic is in the title – that’s a tldr in the making.) What I will say is that the reason for the murder is actually set up quite early, and though I noted it as a detail, its importance escaped me. So I had a really good aha moment about who the murder was, and exactly why, barely ahead of the action of the book, even though it had been there to see the whole time. That completely earns my respect – great mystery writing!

Paper and Fire – Rachel Caine

fad320aadb11bb2596f59446c77434f414f4141Jess Brightwell was given a position in the Library’s High Garda – he knows it’s so that the head of the Library can keep an eye on him, after they kidnapped and killed his best friend, Thomas, for his heretical ideas. The rest of their friends in their initial training class have moved on to the jobs they are best suited for, but they all still mourn Thomas.

When Jess hears a rumor that Thomas is still alive, he can scarcely believe it, but starts digging, with the help of the others, and finds out that the rumors are true. They’ll have to break Thomas out, but in doing so, will have to risk their lives, and they will never be able to go back to their old lives in the Library.

This book feels like a lot of set up – I’m hoping it’s leading to the necessary show down between Jess and his friends and the head of the Library. There were definitely some things that needed to happen to get them there, but it does seem like a shame that it took an entire book to get there. It’s not like nothing happened, but you definitely got the feeling that more should be happening. Still, I’m happy to keep reading – the set up is good.