Garden Notes

05192018 019aFor reasons that will be discussed later, I did my plant shopping at the Farmer’s Market this weekend.    So, I have two Baron poblano peppers, three tomatoes (Sun Gold, Purple Russian and Early Girl), oregano and regular basil in the hoop house now.    Parsley and thyme are in the garden.

Since it’s been so cool, not much is ready to get in the ground, but I did today plant out the Swiss chard, half the calendula, and the marjoram I bought in Cape Cod.    I will also be planting out the rest of the kale and the shallots by Monday at the latest.      Everything else is now in the hoop, but I’m not even sure I’ll be able to get it out next week, at the rate the weather is currently going.

05192018 013a
The current state of the iris.   (My personal planting harbinger)

Knitting Notes


I finished the hand on the first Tursas mitten, and it’s too small for me.    I also don’t love how the yarn jogs are.   This is definitely a practice pair.     Which is also a little demotivating – I’ve yet to finish the thumb.    (I will say, I love how thick the fabric is.    I think this is a skill worth working on.)

So I moved to this Adama cowl.    It’s from yarn I bought with a Christmas gift certificate.   It’s a pretty easy knit, and I adore the yarn.    Definitely a nice break.

Matilda Bone – Karen Cushman

f3cf55b3b4f2c1959707a486777434f414f4141Matilda has been brought up by the manor priest since her father, the lord’s clerk, died. But he’s been called to London, and she’s being left to stay with Peg, the bonesetter. It’s a completely different life than Matilda’s used to, and it takes some getting used to, but she learns to like the new world she’s been thrown into.

I really like Cushman’s historical stories- she’ll focus on the story of a young person, and layer in a lot of other interesting history around them. This book gives you an interesting overview of medieval medicine, as well as the contrast between the church and lay people. It’s a charming story – I read it in one night.

Jane and the Wandering Eye – Stephanie Barron

380c536451d9019597937685977434f414f4141Jane is back in Bath, absolutely not enjoying herself, and is more than happy to accept a commission from Lord Harold Trowbridge to keep an eye on his niece, the Lady Desdemona. At a party given by Mona’s grandmother, a shocking murder occurs, drawing Jane into the world of the Bath theatre.

Yes, this is Jane Austen solving mysteries. And it’s completely anachronistic. (At least in this book, her family starts commenting that she’s spending a bit too much time in some rather unladylike pursuits.) But it’s all good fun, and other than Jane not really being Jane, the author layers in a lot of other interesting historical flavor.

Garden Notes

05132018 002a

Most of the plants are out in the back yard, hardening off.    It’s probably going to be a while to finish that process – it’s been surprisingly cool.    We’ll get one random day in the 70s, and then it’s only in the 50s for the next three or four days.     I can’t see planting tomatoes or the like out anytime soon, if this continues.

05082018 003a

Now that the community garden plot is ironed out, I have some kale plants in, and I sowed some turnips and peas, which have sprouted.   I will probably plant out the Swiss chard (in the side garden) and the shallots (in the community bed), this weekend, but I’m holding off until at least next weekend for anything else.